Thursday, March 31, 2011

Baubles & The Q Clique: The Timeless Beauty Of A Watch

Q's Collections is all about baubles, diamonds and all things accessories and one of the most important pieces we feel you should add to your collection is a watch. A watch adds panache and sophistication to any outfit while actually being a very practical piece of jewelry.  Fashionista's have obsessed about watches for decades, from wrist thin to over sized mens watches, owning a great stylish watch has earned it's spot as a must have along with the little black dress ,over sized sunglasses and the classic two strand pearl necklace. The watch has evolved from being just a efficient timekeeper to a eloquent piece of fashion art, and so have the prices which range from $19.99-$20k+. Popular brands and some of the more luxurious watch brands are Patek, Audemars Piguet, Cartier and Piaget but the classic Timex brand known for it simplicity and engineering is still on of the most popular brands around. The latest watch trend is well made military watches, simple in design but very classic chic style. Below is picture of one our favorites in this new trend by Uniform Ware(UW) a young English watch brand founded in 2009 . UW watches are brilliantly sleek and run under $350, which we love!
Uniform Wares Military Watch

Our Confession: The Cartier Tank Francoise watch is one piece of jewelry we can't live without! Check out some of our most loved time pieces below!!

Cartier Tank Francoise watch, we hope this under our Christmas tree this year!!!

Breathless Beauty, Piaget Rose Gold and Platinum watch

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baubles & The Q Clique: A Toast To The Most Fashionable Guinness!!

In honor of St. Patrick's day, who better to honor than the Haute Couture collector and ever talented fashion icon and journalist Daphne Guinness. Daphne, a heir to the Guinness empire is of Irish, English and French decent. Daphne has definitely made her mark in the fashion world with her bleached streak blonde hair, avant garde outfits, and killer pose!! Below is a few of our favorite Daphne Guinness outfits captured in photo's. Cheers to you Daphne!!

Irish Chic at it's best!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The All Important Tailor: A Fashion Girl's Best Friend

Whenever you are on the extreme side of body size, whether short & petite or tall & slender you have probably invested money with a tailor. Here at Q's Collections we feel that everyone should find a good tailor because mass production clothing, which is most clothing today will never fit just perfect. The key is to shop for clothing that needs minimal tailoring and then have a great tailor in your Blackberry or IPhone that you can call when needed. A good tailor does much more than hems and zipper fixes, he or she can take your piece of clothing from a okay fit to "tailor-made". 
Investing in a good tailor also comes in hand when you are considering an investment piece like a great suit or the must have LBD. You don't want to spend a chunk of money on pieces like this and then have a ill- fit while wearing them. Not all tailors are equal, there is a difference between a good tailor and a great one. Here a quick list of things to look for when searching for a tailor:

5 Great Tips When Searching for a "Great" Tailor
  1. A great tailor will have extensive knowledge about fit, fabric and construction of a garment and will be able to tell you what can and cannot be done to tailor a specific piece.
  2. A great tailor will take into consideration you actual body type and be able to offer professional but realistic suggestions on a few basic styles that will look good on your body type. A great tailor will also take your true body measurements at your first consultation with them and give great tips on how correctly fitted under garments play into the fit of your overall outfit.
  3. Ask to see the potential tailors portfolio of work. This will give you a good idea if he or she is as good as they say they are.
  4. Inquire at custom high end boutiques to see who does their tailoring. Based on the clientele at these boutiques, they will have exceptional tailors and not your run of the mill tailors.
  5. Look for custom tailors that actually make suits and dresses. If they are constructing tailor made suits or dresses they will be able to do your alterations with ease.
Our Confession: Laura's Tailoring at 4625 Highway 6 North, does a fabulous job!! Locally owned and very hands on. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The White Shirt Collection: Midi My Lady, The Return of Midlength's

Loving the bold colors and knee length hemline from Prabal Gurung
From mid-calf to right below the knee and ankle length, the 3/4 inch hemlines are back with the return of old school glamourous lady like dressing. Q's collections is super excited about this mid-length trend as it shows today's generation the perfect example of how elegance and grace exude innocent sex appeal without being overly exposed and vulgar.  The mid-length style is a pretty classic that we have continued to return to over the decades as it transcends age groups and can be worn in various styles in your 20's, 30's, 40's 50's and 60's +. Versatility is also a winning selling point with mid-lengths as they can be paired with a awesome pair of ballet flats, the perfect wedge sandal or a pair of killer stiletto's. Our Confession: Embracing a jersey cotton mid-length skirt in a beautiful nude color paired with a white tank, pearls and a pair of wooden wedges!! Here's a few photo's of the re birthing of the mid-length by some of our favorite designers.
Talbot Runhof makes ladylike sexy irresistible

Our nude obession!

Beautiful tailored jersey gray by the one and only Marc Jacobs, we want this now!!!