Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Top Fall Shoes Trends: Q's Confessions

It's my favorite time of year! Time for layering and wearing my kind of shoes...closed toe! Gives me a little break on the pedicure budget. The last post was also about shoes but what can I say I love to get "shoe wasted"! I'm quite partial to boots. I seem to buy several new pairs every year. What ever happened to two good classic pairs - one long and one short?? Well that thought clearly went out the window for me.   

Well, here we go. The top Fall shoe trends.  I've included a few of my favorites for each trend. Narrowing them down was a task in itself...there are so many that I love and want!

1.  Pointed Toe Shoes - This style is a bit hard on the toes but if you find the right fit it can be great. 

                Kate Spade                                   Loeffler Randall

2.  70s Styles - Chunky 70s styled shoes with an added touch of sophistication.

              Rachel Zoe                                     Messeca
3.  Masculine Heels - Boyish looking styles with feminine flare. This trend includes one of my all time favorite styles -- lace ups. I just recently added the Mia Nanette pictured below to my collection and the Sabine is not far behind!

                  Mia                                                      Sabine

4.  Animal Prints - This trend is holding strong. You must be confident to pull this off right. The leopard print   is by far is my favorite.

                   Kelsi Dagger                                   Sam Endelman
5.  Loafers & Flats - The ultimate in "go to" weekend styles. 


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    So Nice site,Boyish looking styles with feminine flare. This trend includes one of my all time favorite styles -- lace ups.Thanks

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